Roman Amphitheater Dinner Starts At 8:30 PM Lol Caltagirone Trapani sunset Pool at the airbnb just south of Siracusa Water Break Another Day, Another Beach! Paloma’s Near Palermo 😂 Nice view from this bit We say goodbye to Leonardo Quick meet up at L’Agora in Prizzi Cathedral In Ortigia Syracusa Finish Line! On My Way To The Top Boheme Noto Incredible Spot For The Night 🤩 Lost Piazza Umbrella Blue Crab Pasta. Busiate Pasta Birth Place Monte Formaggio (Cheese Mountain) Landed in Catania
Breakfast Pasta Day 1 Kick Off Party! 92° Ragusa How Do Gas Stations Work Lol Enna Cannoli Party Bus Back To The Hotel Scenic road San Marco Hospital 92° Pistachio Croissant 🥐 Boheme Mixology Bar Finish Line Beers!!! Pizza in the woodfired grill tonight Finish Line Party BA DA BA BA BA Syracuse Ragusa Taormina! ESFG!! Planning In CTA