Paloma’s Near Palermo 😂 Avola Antica (Ancient Avola) Checking Off Another First Beach Time Scenic road Lunch in Catania Teatro di Andromeda Pronto The Road To Cheese Mountain Needs No Pavement This Is Where I  Lock You Up. Stairs Of The Turks! Bove Valley Sandals! Good Night Sweet Scoots Comeback Player Of The Year Right Here Didn’t Ask For Help But We Got It Anyway 😆 Brioche con Gelato in Partinico Incredible driving out here Broke Down Bosco Di Scorace Party Bus Back To The Hotel
Flaaaaat Tire We Lost Another Day, Another Beach! Fin WE MADE IT Found a pool Monte Formaggio (Cheese Mountain) Wildfire Rough Life Makes Up For The Dog Barking 🫠 First Night Home Made Dinner Trapani sunset We Go Now I Spy… Lido Varco Venti Finish Dinner Enna Cannoli Kick Off Party! Lost little lunch Blue Crab Pasta. Busiate Pasta Birth Place Quick BBQ